Summer Comes to a Close and Fall Begins

Pretty flower at the top of Bear's Hump trail, overlooking Waterton Lakes National Park.

Pretty flower at the top of Bear’s Hump trail, overlooking Waterton Lakes National Park.

To recap the summer, Amber and I surveyed for Great Horned owls across the aspen parkland of Saskatchewan. We collected owl pellets from the same region as well as the grasslands around Medicine Hat, Diefenbaker Lake, southeast Alberta, and southwest Saskatchewan. I attended the Canadian Society of Ecology & Evolution’s annual research conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where I presented on using owl pellets as a sampling method. The manuscript for Methods for Ecology & Evolution was accepted and is published online for early view (Yay!!!) I participated in the Wings Over Wascana Nature Festival and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s Biology Field Day. I was interviewed by White City’s Star News and The Prairie Dog newspapers. I also went to Shania Twain’s concert in Saskatoon, fishing with my family at Assessippi Provincial Park, helped out with my hubby’s family auction sale, went camping at Dinosaur Provincial Park and Waterton Lakes National Park, attended a stagette, and got married last weekend in beautiful Cypress Hills!!

Mike and I in Cypress Hills, right before the ceremony 🙂


However, summers are short and this one has come to an end.

Amber has returned to BC and resumed her studies at Simon Fraser University. I wish her all the best and a big THANK YOU!!! for all of her hard work this summer. All of the samples we collected over the summer are processed and waiting for me to finish prey identification. And I’ve moved my office back to the University of Regina where I will finish my PhD.

Fall has now begun, and I am looking forward to TAing ecology this semester and finishing off a good chunk of my thesis (hopefully!!). As well as attending seminars this semester 🙂

View from my office on a cloudy day.

View from my office on a cloudy day.

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